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Editorial Reviews. Review. "Steamy and satisfying! Perfectly capturing the emotional mess of letting go. Everything you want in a sequel and more!. Read "Avoiding Responsibility" by K.A. Linde available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get $5 off your first purchase. Book 2 in the Avoiding series Lexi. Read "Avoiding Responsibility" by K.A. Linde available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get $5 off your first purchase. Book 2 in the.

Avoiding Responsibility Ebook

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Book 2 in the Avoiding series. Lexi has finally given up her once destructive relationships and moved onto bigger and better things with a sexy new man in town. The NOOK Book (eBook) of the Avoiding Responsibility by K.A. Linde at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on $ or more!. Avoiding Commitment (English Edition) por [Linde, K.A.] Avoiding Commitment (English Edition) eBook Kindle Avoiding Responsibility (English Edition).

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We will not represent you or provide legal advice. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Avoiding Responsibility , please sign up. Be the first to ask a question about Avoiding Responsibility.

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Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. Sort order. Dec 02, Tough Critic Book Reviews rated it it was amazing. Everything you thought you wanted is about to change I've been manipulated in all the best ways! Linde took everything from Avoiding Commitment and found a way to make it better.

This was better. Better in a way that I did not see coming. Don't get me wrong, this book will frustrate the hell out of you.

There are times you'll want to punch Lexi right in the twat hole, grab Ramsey, then run! Did she just say grab Ramsey? Hell yeah I did! True, I was the captai Everything you thought you wanted is about to change Even though he was a total dick and a complete cum guzzler, I still wanted him with Lexi. I knew he was bad for her, but I want them together.

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I needed them together. I never even came close to wanting her with Ramsey. In fact, I was terrified of what this sequel would bring, terrified. Ramsey was just a secondary character and I wanted him to stay there. He didn't stay there. After reading AC, if you would have told me that Ramsey was going to be so present in book two, my interest in reading it would have been a little less than zero! Ramsey instantly ripped off my Team Jack shirt with his bare hands and took me!

He took me away from Jack and I never want to go back! Linde took a huge gamble with Ramsey in AR But amazingly, she hit the jackpot rampot! You know how amazingly talented you have to be to change a readers mind like that?! Blown away! Don't get me wrong, this book will piss you off just as much as the last. Yes, ALL the characters need several years of intense therapy and some highly potent psychotropic medication, but the emotional ride and drama is the driving force behind this series.

A series that can intensely make you love and hate at the exact same moment. Many readers don't like this series because of the pure unadulterated frustration of it all.

It will literally drive you insane, but do you know how invested you have to be in a story to go through the vast array of emotions that the Avoiding Series makes you feel? Let yourself feel and be thankful for it! This was better than the first! Thank God it's not the last. View all 58 comments. Jun 26, Taryn rated it really liked it Shelves: This review is posted at My Secret Romance Let's pretend this wall is my kindle I have never been so irritated yet in love?

One minute I wanted to punch my kindle and cut someone, the next I was all like Lexi contradicts herself Ramsey is hiding shit Jack A new guy And I still loved it Team Jack baby! Avoiding Commitment is the first book in this series, and a tough act to follow.

No joke. I loved it so much that I can honestly say it's one of my top favorite books. What the author did it me was All I know is that it's exactly what I look for in a book. This book starts out with a bang!

It picks up right where the first one left off. I couldn't put it down and when I did it was all I could think about. This book took over my life for the few days I was reading it and after I finished it too. Linde definitely has a way with words that grips you right from the start. Lexi once again finds herself torn between two men.

Jack, her first love and who is always ever presently on her mind. No matter what she does she can't seem to escape her past with him. And to be honest, I don't want her to forget it. I love the sexual tension and heat between them.

I love the memories they shared. I love how all Jack has to do is look at Lexi with those penetrating blue eyes and she succumbs to his every need.

I love how it's a now forbidden romance between them yet they can't fight the attraction I just love them together! Then there is Ramsey- Someone who unexpectedly works his way into Lexi's heart. He has the same sexual tension with Lexi as Jack does, but Ramsey is different and works to prove himself to her in this book.

I was worried that Lexi wouldn't notice since she is so consumed with thoughts of Jack. The thoughts never stop until Ramsey comes into the picture and he makes her forget all the deceit and broken promises Jack made to her.

But Ramsey will never be able to erase the past though The intensity between Lexi and Ramsey is powerful, but Lexi cautious with her emotions when it comes to trusting Ramsey after everything that's happened.

He is very secretive and won't open to her which drove me bat shit crazy! Ramsey is no Saint! Wake up ladies! One issue I had with this book was that I found it to be extremely repetitious, to the point where I was skimming. It made me want to cry over all the long winded thoughts Lexi had during conversations. They were drawn out and tedious, sometimes going on for pages.

None of this was needed! Just about each chapter was filled with the same consuming thoughts of Jack. It's one thing to relive memories and events that happened, but it's another thing entirely to relive each one in nearly every chapter again and again.

I already know it all. I was reading as fast as I possibly could. I could not put it down yet nearly too much to handle!

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The end of the book leaves us hanging a bit Oh, but Jack, what I wanted to do to you at the end for not speaking up Linde is still my new favorite author of mine. Despite my issues, she still had me glued to each page and on the edge of my seat with wanting more. Linde was able to capture the love and fervor with this story as much as she did with Avoiding Commitment. The perfect song for this book- Wide Awake by Katy Perry. View all comments. I was completely sucked in by this story and I couldn't wait to find out where Lexi's life was going to take her after the upset at the end of the first book.

Even though Lexi epitomizes poor choices and a lack of self-respect, I cannot get enough of her story. I'm a masochist like that! If you haven't read 'Avoiding Commitment', know that this review may contain some spoilers for that book. Back in New York City, Lexi is left to lick her wounds. Meanwhile, the planning for Jack and Bekah's wedding is underway. Talk about a nightmare!

I spent a fair amount of time moping around, grieving and alternately raging, with Lexi for most of this book. It was just so unfair! While Jack is relegated to a background role in this second book, Ramsey becomes a primary focus. Where Jack has left Lexi broken, Ramsey sweeps in to pick up the pieces. As much as I liked Ramsey - and I really did like him - I had "friend-zoned" him long ago. So, when Lexi begins to see him as more than a friend, I never really got on board with that.

It's a hang-up of mine. I always want the heroine to end up with the "first" guy that I experienced her falling in love with. If that makes any sense. Since this book centers on Lexi and Jack moving on with their lives without each other, I was left with a hole in my chest.

No matter how destructive, it was hard to let go of the idea of their love. It pained me. While Jack and Lexi's relationship may have changed drastically, Lexi's tendency to make very poor decisions did not. Poor Lexi always settles for second-best. It was sad, really. My heart broke for her as she again picked a guy that would never place her first. Ramsey may have even grown to love her on some level, but it was clear that he was still hung up on his ex-girlfriend, Parker. I just kept thinking, "Man, Lexi really knows how to pick them!

Jack may have been less of a central focus this time around, but he's still lurking in the background. No matter what they say, Lexi and Jack have not gotten past whatever it was they had together. Sparks fly and feelings get hurt. If you think you've seen the end of the drama surrounding these two, you'd be sadly mistaken.

It isn't over, baby! Overall, I am still loving this series. I am a sucker for an angsty, forbidden romance that rips your heart out. This story definitely delivers on that account. I plan to listen to the next book immediately. I am very thankful that I didn't read these books immediately upon their release. The wait for the release of the next books would have killed me! Check out more of my reviews at www. View all 20 comments. Apr 01, S. Stephens rated it it was amazing.

I took a journey with this book! My stomach was in knots when I started it. The first book was so emotional and painful, I wasn't sure if I could handle more.

But I am SO glad I dove in bar of chocolate in hand, of course. What an amazing sequel! I think I felt everything that Lexi did. And the last few chapters I'm still grinning over this one! Love the story, love the characters even the ones I actively despise.

Crossing my fingers for a third book! View all 24 comments. My man will have to work for it! In Avoiding Responsibility, Lexi Walsh's heart is torn between three men: Jack, Ramsey, and Mystery Man. It will come as no surprise that Bekah Bridges is still a bitch in the sequel. Pookie and Chyna are good solid friends to Lexi and are fun characters. We also meet Dr. Parker Mackenson who has a lot of history with Ramsey. This time around Lexi has grown up and has made some mature decisions.

I sure hope she doesn't end up with he who smells of peppermint! Maybe, Jack Howard will grow the f-up! Actions speak louder than words after all! My Dream Title for 3rd Book: Avoiding Bridges View all 52 comments. Five Stars The yellow tape surrounds the area; the sirens have all been silenced. The damage has been done. Everyone injured has been patched up and sent for further treatment. The train wreck is over. This emotional rollercoaster ride has come to an end; well, at least for now.

This was just like the first book. My emotions were all over the place. I literally had to take a break after every chapter and perform deep breathing exercises just to calm my ass down. This story, along with book one, has made a mess out of me. I loved the ending, though I wish there was an epilogue. You have earned a coveted place as one of my all time favorite book boyfriends. I do not care about your past. What you did for Lexi is beyond sweet.

My heart just melted.

You are amazing! Yes, I questioned some of your decisions, but we all have to learn from our mistakes.

Please treat him good. If you hurt him, I will come after you! Why do you have to be so freaking charming and sleazy at the same time Gahhh! I can never figure you out. I still hate you. More so now, than ever before. You are so malicious and callous. Jack will never fully love you. I wish you two all the best. I love this book. I love both stories. They caused me nothing but angst and tons of emotional outbursts, but it was all worth it. When these two are officially available in book form, I will happily run out and add them to my shelf collection.

They are a must have in my opinion. I never thought I would enjoy a story with so much torment and anguish, but K. Linde proved me wrong. A definite must read! View all 47 comments. Sep 08, Katy rated it it was ok. First, a letter to the person who made me read this book view spoiler [ Dear friend who loves spoilers: No, I will NOT read book 3 with you. I liked the way book 1 ended with Lexi thinking she is over Jack and hope that there is a possible future with Ramsey.

And the only reason I agreed to it was because you were persistent and guilt tripped me into being your support. This is where we part ways - at least with this serie First, a letter to the person who made me read this book view spoiler [ Dear friend who loves spoilers: This is where we part ways - at least with this series - and you are now on your own. Sincerely, The person who will flood your phone with more "NO" texts should you EVER bring this up again hide spoiler ] I really should not have read this book.

The first one really infuriated me and you can check with my status updates , and this one was no different. I absolutely adore Ramsey, and I know he had a past, but really, ignorance is bliss. I hated that this book attempted to make him look bad. Who cares? He was a bad boy who changed for the girl he loved. Totally swoon-worthy. Now stop tempering with my thoughts.

And Lexi - what do I say about her other than, "How stupid can she be?!? Yes, some of it, like Ramsey begging her to go to the wedding, was not her fault, but others, like when they were trying to escape Mr.

Bridges, was just pure stupidity on her part. With Ramsey? I understand that Lexi has been hurt by Jack in the past, and I'm surprised she's willing to jump into a relationship so fast. True, it was Ramsey who said he couldn't do the casual thing anymore, but still, Lexi was not totally blind that Ramsey had a past.

But I was so tired of her whiny "he's a player" thoughts and her quickness to jump down his throat at every single thing that comes up - especially considering the sources these stories are coming from. So to Lexi: Shut the hell up. And quit digging. Ramsey knew you had a past with Jack, and he forgave you for everything.

Why can't you do the same for him? And cut the crap with the whole "because he lied to me" excuse. What exactly did you expect? If you can't see how much he has changed for you and how much he is doing for you, then you don't deserve him anyway. I don't want to rant anymore. My head hurts from all the drama in this book. I can't take any more. View all 79 comments. Adult Contemporary Romance HO. The lies and deception lives on in book two of the Avoiding Series. I read that when this book is re-released to the public in December it will have some changes and so will this review.

Because I am so re-reading this book in December. The story starts off when Alexa awakes in bed with a mystery man. A mystery man who remained as such until the very end of the book. Just as Alexa and our mystery man start to get reacquainted with one another her phone starts to ring.

Nope this time it is not Jack calling in the favor This time it's Ramsey. Jack and Bekah's wedding is approaching and Ramsey has the audacity to ask Alexa to go as his date. Seriously, WTF! Now once again just like with book 1 I can't say more without giving away the plot. BUT I will say this Lexi does turn Ramsey down to be his date yet her butt still ends up at the wedding.

I'm sure you could have guessed that one. Exactly no surprise there. OK screw it I will say more I actually loved Alexa and Ramsey together in this book I was so happy they gave love a try and everything is good. That is until lies come out and things suddenly end in disaster.

Alexa really tries but when lies and drama fill her plate she pushes away from the table to full to accept anymore. Ramsey does his best to let her know he loves her and is willing to make it work; honestly though after how things go down it just becomes to much. Thoughts Dear readers, I loved it!!! In this book you get introduced to two new characters who play a HUGE role in our favorite characters lives and the impact for some is brutal.

I enjoyed getting to know him as he fell head over heels in love with Alexa. Yes he F's up but all men have their moments. Alexa- Finally shows some backbone and keeps Jack in place. And just like the little 'Beeyotch' he is he stay's there. Jack - Never grew a pair.

Bekah - is still an evil B! Chyna - well Chyna is still Chyna. Now go forth and read. Then come tell us all about it on Goodreads! For more reviews go to http: View all 30 comments. The books are so captivating that you just can't pull yourself away. This book was just as angsty as the 1st book. I'm not gonna go into to much of the plot because I feel like it gives the story away but Lexi leaves you feeling so frustrated sometimes. There is just something about Ramsey that makes this book my fav in the series so far, Ramsey was someone that I fell in love with in the 1st book and man he did not disappoint in this one!

His story came out brilliantly, I loved all the little secrets we found out about him. Plot wise this book was awesome! I was rooting for Lexi and Ramsey the whole time and was totally thrilled with the ending!! This series is one of the best series I have read since the Thoughtless series by S. C Stephens and would highly recommend it.

I can't wait to read more by K. A Linde, she is awesome: Nov 24, Paula rated it it was amazing Shelves: Before reading this review, I would suggest reading Avoiding Commitment , the first book in the series.

See my review here. My review below has some spoilers from the first book. You don't want to miss reading these two books in order. Avoiding Responsibility is the stellar sequel to Avoiding Commitment.

The best part about this book was Ramsey being the hero. It begins a year later, after Lexi left Jack Howard standing at the airport in Atlanta. After six years of being in a dysfunctional relationship as the other woman with him, she is finally ready to let him go. In a year, a lot can happen, including a new relationship with Ramsey Bridges. But unfortunately, Lexi and Ramsey have had a big falling out that leads to them breaking up.

Lexi has absolutely no desire to be a part of their wedding. Seeing Jack could stir up old feelings that she does not want to feel again. A man she refers to as a mystery man the entire book. Before they broke up, Ramsey and Lexi had a good thing going.

They were in love. Despite all that, she still misses him, and everything they had together during their year-long relationship. With a little bit of persistence, Ramsey finally talks Lexi into seeing him when he comes to New York. Lexi has a lot of character development in this book.

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Oh, but Lexi is still Lexi. Not all of her decisions are the best ones, but she does grow from her mistakes.

And this time, instead of running from her problems with Ramsey when things get tough in Atlanta, she faces them head on.

You are the only woman I could think of being with from now until eternity. I knew there was something special about him since the first book. He remained true to her. He trusted her and loved her unconditionally. He never doubted how he felt for her. Even though he kept a big secret from her, he owned up to it.

Not only that, when he lost Lexi, he did everything in his power to make things right with her, even if it meant making sacrifices for himself. There was a lot of passion and fire between these two that I honestly felt.

It was refreshing to feel positive about the man Lexi was with this time around, especially after how disgusted I felt when she was with Jack.

Jack, the man she ruined relationships with, and betrayed people with. With Ramsey, she could start over and have a safe, normal relationship that had not been tainted by deception. Ramsey is the one and only man Lexi was able to connect with, and who could make her forget all about Jack Howard. Jack had taken over her world, and she had forced herself to push him out bit by bit.

And she knew all too well what is felt like being with and without Jack. Ramsey was something altogether different.

The emotions he elicited from her were foreign, and thus, incredibly vivid because they had never been tamed, harnessed, or numbed over years of self-torture. The Avoiding series has rocked my world. I am completely addicted to these drama-filled, emotional books. Their relationships are a train wreck. And they make so many mistakes that make you want to scream and cry.

Linde kept me guessing and constantly wondering what insane drama is going to happen next. View all 14 comments. We start out with a mystery man that is oh so yummy, that I really liked! Then of course their is Ramsey who takes up the majority of the book. We get a lot of answers about this past with Parker, and it makes me wonder if she is his meant to be. But he is also very sweet with Lexi, and really does seem to love her.

He also lies a lot, and I find it hard to trust him at times. Even though he is likable in this book I still want it to be Jack in the end. I am hoping he gets his act together in book 3. I just don't feel the same intensity with the other men on the same level as Jack.

The feel of his skin hot against her own, breathing in the salty air with rapid inhalations, his intense blue stare reflecting the ocean. She could feel him almost as if she were in the moment. She could feel the eyes from across the room.

As her gaze found who was blatantly staring at her, her heart melted. It was the exact scent of sex mixed with the most delicious cologne in the world. She hadn't realized, but when she thought about sex this was the smell that came to mind. Jack was pressed against her, his lips pressed to her neck as he nuzzled close to her. There were always those times when something happened, and her heart would ache for him.

A hole was left in his absence and gradually it shrank, but it never completely disappeared. He had changed her forever She liked to think he had done both. She liked his blue eyes. She liked the way he brushed her hair back for her.

View all 25 comments. Jul 31, Kristen marked it as not-for-me Shelves: Cheating and over-the-top drama. No thanks! View all 6 comments. Nov 01, Kristen rated it did not like it. These books wore me out Only read if you want to punish yourself.

A Million Miles in a Thousand Years (Kobo eBook)

View all 4 comments. This story picks right back up from where Avoiding Commitment ended. Hopefully, Lexi has said goodbye to Jack for good so she can focus on her relationship with Ramsey. Again, another rollercoaster ride of emotions! This series is like book crack and it probably would've been best for me to take a break between books but I just couldn't put it down.

It's still told like the first book with the alternating chapters going from the past to the present and back. I still don't know if I like that or n This story picks right back up from where Avoiding Commitment ended. I still don't know if I like that or not. On one hand, you get to see how things in the past affect the future but it's also hard to keep track of some things.

On the downside, I think there were more spelling errors, etc, in this book. Most of the time that doesn't bother me but a couple of times, I had to go back and reread things. There were also a few things that I really wanted answered and weren't!!

Like the ring and the significance of the weeping willow! Lexi does grow some in this book but she still does dumb things. And with her growth, she has lost her patience with putting up with certain behaviors which helps her become stronger. Unfortunately, she has a whole new old set of problems with Ramsey.

I mentioned in my review for the first book that there was just something about him and I wasn't wrong. He does have a secret past and he still isn't forthright about things. I think that bothered me the most about him that he kept secrets from Lexi when he knew how much that would bother her and his reasons weren't very good.

I really came to like Ramsey I do have to say that how Ramsey acted at the end of the book impressed me. I was disappointed in him so many times and was saddened to learn even more bad things about him.I don't give a damn about Jack. It's a hang-up of mine. Write your review. Lisa Renee Jones. Shaniel Watson.

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