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Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET) is a PRC-regulated exam . May idea po kayo kung may free pdf reviewers po bang available dito?. LET Reviewer Materials Available here for FREE! (Complete Edition - Prof. Ed, pixia-club.info & Majorship) LIKE/SHARE/MENTION/TAG your FRIEND!. PDF & DOC FILE REVIEWERS COMPILED GENERAL EDUCATION AND PROFESSIONAL EDUCATION LET REVIEWER (LECTURES, NOTES, QUESTIONS.

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LET Professional Education Reviewers. Download Free LET Reviewers for Professional Education with answers (PDF) and more. Website: pixia-club.info Facebook page: https://www. pixia-club.info LET REVIEWER IN GENERAL. LET Reviewers for Prof Ed and Gen Ed Professional Education LET Reviewers ( New Sets) General Education LET Reviewers (New Sets).

Does this mean that teachers must be pre-occupied only with teaching? Yes, if they are given other assignments, justice demands that they be properly compensated.

No, because every teacher is expected to provide leadership and initiative in activities for the good of the communities around them. No, because they are also tasked to lead community activities as leaders.

Yes, because teaching is enough full time job. Evelyn gave her first-grade class a page with a story in which pictures take the place of some words. Which method did she use?

Spaulding method c. Rebus Method d. Language Experience Approach A child who gets punished for cheating may not cheat again immediately.

But this does not mean that the child may not cheat again. Punishment strengthens a response b. Punishment does not remove a response c.

Punishment removes a response. Punishment weakens a reponse. What should a teacher do for students in his class whose ability are behind their grade level? Give them materials on their level and let them work at a pace that is reasonable for them, trying to bring them up to a grade level.

Give them the same work as other students, because they will absorb as much as they are capable of.


What does it imply? Every child is a potential genius. Every pupil has his own native ability and his learning is limited to his native ability.

Some pupils are admittedly not capable of learning. Pupils can possibly reach a point where they have learned everything. A mother gives his boy his favorite snack every time the by cleans up his room.

Afterwards, the boy cleaned his room every day in anticipation of the snack. Which theory is illustrated?

If the material is dangerous for the learners to handle, which of the following method will you use? You wish to make the learners learn or internalized fully a subject matter to be taught to them. Which of the following will you need? What role does this illustrate?

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Join Our Facebook Discussion Group. I am confuse with this answer, because in the book that I read it is anecdotal report -description of some incident report. Hi, I was really confused about your answer of number 5. But the situation in number 5 contradicts with the answer.

You are actually right about Hedonism — the ethical theory that pleasure in the sense of the satisfaction of desires is the highest good and proper aim of human life. If we are to evaluate the question, it was only asking as to which philosophy is Mr. Hence, the answer to number 5 is D.

If I have a bachelor of science degree in physical therapy, am I eligible to enroll for uniting? And wht will be my major? This may explain why, when we are learning a new subject, it is often helpful to have diagrams or illustrations to accompany the verbal information. How I can join to your online review? Hi, I was just confused with this 9. The correct answer you provided was letter B but I think it should be Rebus since it uses puzzles,pictures, symbols, and letters to represent a word or words.

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Middle childhood d.

LET Reviewer - Professional Education (Part 9)

Early adulthood Answer: b. Middle childhood Some children are more active than others, as everyone knows-extremely highlevels of activity or hyperactivity are considered problematic. How may a teacher help a child who is hyperactive?

Make him the leader of the class b. Transfer him to another class c.

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Give him challenging activities that are appropriate to his ability level and interests.Instructional Function. We post new sets of questions regularly, come back regularly for more questions. Angelo always tells his students that pleasure is not the highest good.

Rebus Method d. These are among the attributes of an individual in what particular stage? Restriction of educational controls and services to priestly elite.

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The President is a loquacious speaker. An experienced teacher in your school is requested to assist and help the inexperienced teachers. Reentry of classical materials on science and medicine Establishment of the structure, content and organization of universities as major institutions of higher education.

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