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Urdu Novel Devta Complete 56 Volumes By Mohiuddin Nawab Free Download. Devta Urdu Novel Complete 50 Volumes story of Farhad Ali Temur in Pdf Free. Download or read online free Urdu Novel "Devta" by Mohiuddin Nawab. Devta Urdu novel is the longest novel of the world. Devta was published in a monthly. Anka Ki Wapsi Complete Novel By H Iqbal Anka ki wapsi novel pdf is authored and written by h iqbal containing a mysterious thriller adventure story in urdu.

Devta Urdu Novel Pdf

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Devta Part 8 by Mohiuddin Nawab pixia-club.info - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online for free. Devta Part 8, urdu novel download. Read Online Devta Laa Parts By Mohiuddin Nawab, DownloadDevta By Mohiuddin Nawab By This Book is Also Available to Download Through Torrent. The author of the book Devta Novel was a notable writer of Urdu story and romance novels. He authored more than books, and most of.

He is described as Devta because of his fictional and mind control powers gained through the Telepathy or the mind science. It is the fictional autobiography of Farhad Ali Taimoor, a man with amazing telepathic powers.

He fights with the group of Super Master and underworld mafias other criminal mind people and groups in different stages and a battle rages moving from continents and islands and into government circles and private power broker's homes. The story is a multiple of stories where Farhad is faced with opponents at every stage and in various forms.


Farhad in the beginning starts as an novice but soon he is confronted by the American Spy Agency "Super Master" group. The Super Master is an underground powerful mega boss working for the American interests worldwide and he virtually controls the American military, civilian government, and financial top men.

It is the top spy agency with global network of crime, terror, intrigue, conspiracy, and drug control. The Super Master agency is the top secret agency. This novel is recognized as one of the best fiction novels in Urdu literature.

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Although it is a work of fiction but the writer describes the story in such a way that it seems real as the different global events and happenings intermingle with the events in the novel.

In order to give it a real touch the name of the writer i-e Muhayyuddin Nawab was removed from the title page of this story in the digest in its latter years and was replaced by the name of its narrator i-e Farhad Ali Taimur. This novel broke all the records and ewas immensely popular among the teenagers as well as mature and sober people due to its strong depiction and dialogues.

Thousands of letters used to be received by the writer each month demanding the address of Farhad.

It was as if it were a real character. Devta has 49 volumes published and volume nos.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Find sources: The topic of this article may not meet Wikipedia's general notability guideline. She died with gunfire wounds in Volume 22 of series while he was with Ali Taimoor, helping him to rescue his mother from captivity of Super Master.

Manjali: She was Farhad love interest. A poisonous girl from Africa educated from Baba Sahab Institution. She was killed by Farhad's enemies with help of black magic. Maria: She was Paras love interest. A poisonous girl with father from England and mother from an African tribe.

Devta Urdu Novel Complete 56 Volumes By Mohiuddin Nawab

She was kept under custody and training of black magic witch of that tribe, from her birth who made her poisonous. She also made Paras poisonous when he visited the tribe during a battle with his enemies.

Sabata: She was Farhad love interest. She was princess of Kaaf Valley. She was very good fighter and horse rider.

Sheeba: A Jewish girl who also got telepathy skills. She was enemy of Farhad but later fell in love with him and became a member of his Farhad's telepathy team. She suicide later when she got dis-heart of his country and her peoples attitude and bad thinking about her. Puras: Paras twin Brother revealed in the 38th volume.

He was given to a Hindu Family by his maid immediately after birth. Just before the disclosure in the last chapter his maid i-e Lady Rosana reveals this secret act of her performed 25 years ago on Jazira Al Birad.

Super Master is controlled by USA government. Mask Man: This is code name of leader of Red power group of Russia.

Devta Urdu Novel By Mohiuddin Nawab Complete 56 Volumes Free Download

Red power is controlled by Russian government. Master Yoshay: He was master of Super Master Group, a government agency build for crime and enslave other countries by any means. He was also a telepathy master but was killed by Farhad Ali Taimoor. Later his son became Super Master got telepathy skills with help of Transformer Machine and tried to take revenge of his father from Farhad Ali Taimoor, but was killed.

Armor: He is very intelligent mechanic and scientist. Tartar Bilba: He was enemy of Farhad, from super master group but later joined his team.

Urdu Novel Devta All 50 parts Pdf Free Download

He was prince of Kaaf Valley. He was very good fighter and horse rider. He was killed in Kaaf Valley when Super Master attacked there. Tartar Ghilba: He was king of Kaaf Valley. Tatiana She was very intelligent Russian spy, most trusted in his country who can visit any restricted area without any restriction.

Devta Part 51 - 56

She was killed by Sonia in volume22 of series in her home. Prince Dagger A man from Super master team, who got telepathy skills from transformer machine. John Dagger A man from Super master team, who got telepathy skills from transformer machine.

George Freeman: He was very intelligent mechanic and scientist. He also made a transformer machine with help of blueprints and paper details of original. He was later killed by Farhad. Madonna She was from Super master team who got telepathy skills from transformer machine. She injured Farhad with gunfire which she shot from his companion by means of telepathic control, where he was hiding. She was later killed by farhad in airplane crash when super master was trying to rescue her from Paris.

Master Chimpanzee She-Super: She was very cruel and intelligent lady who was a big merchant of all kind of dogs.

She was forced to kill Farhad by a Master who was her friend. She was later killed by Sonia.Master Chimpanzee She-Super: She was very cruel and intelligent lady who was a big merchant of all kind of dogs.

So my recommendation will be to read the first 30 or so novels and then have a clean break. It was started in February, and appeared every month in Suspense Digest , with its concluding chapter published in January First to thanks to upload this novel. It was as if it were a real character. Devta Part She was princess of Kaaf Valley.

Part 16 Download. Farhad was the man with amazing qualities and powers, and this romantic thriller story will keep you bound to it.

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