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BPEL Cookbook: Best Practices for SOA-based integration and composite applications development: Ten practical real-world case studies combining business. contributed knowingly or unknowingly to the recipes. I am appreciative W3C in , and has worked with some of the early adopters of BPEL since its initial. Here is the best place to obtain Bpel Cookbook Best Practices For Soa Doug by pixia-club.info Study Group in word, txt, pdf, ppt, kindle, zip, and rar.

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Bpel Cookbook Best Practices For Soa Based Integration And Composite Correspondence of Charles Bukowski and Sheri Martinelli PDF Online. review only, if you need complete ebook Bpel Cookbook Best Practices For Soa pixia-club.info Download Bpel And Java Cookbook Pdf bpel for orchestrating long running or complex integrations human workflow hwf for allowing human interaction with.

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Development of efficient SOA composites too often requires usage of other technologies or languages such as Java. Readers who choose to read an entire chapter will first be given a detailed overview of the topic covered in the chapter and why it plays an important role in SOA. The recipes following the introduction concentrate on the specific problems related to the topic area and provide at least one solution to it.

Many of the recipes also explore further possible solutions to the presented problems. Chapter 7, Accessing and Updating the Variables, will help us discover all the aspects of the variable manipulation in the BPEL processes. The whole web service lifecycle is covered in a neutral vendor solution manner using the JAX-WS annotations. One of the options is to defi ne our own functional activity via the Java Embedding activity. With the Java Embedding activity we can defi ne any behavior in Java programming language.

The Java Embedding activity can be used when we have some Java code that performs some small scale task, while we don't want to develop the complete solution as the Java application. Inside the Java Embedding activity, we can use standard Java classes, methods exposed by the BPEL environment, and user defi ned extension classes. We will see this in this chapter. We can call it a session EJB3 bean.

BPEL Cookbook: Best Practices for SOA-based integration and composite applications development

With an appropriate method, we can read variable content and set it as well. The activity provides us with methods to put a query in the BPEL process information. In general, we use the Java Embedding activity to execute a small piece of the code.

It is not intended to be used for business logic implementation. When we need to implement large business logic, it is recommended to develop the web service and then utilize it from the BPEL process.

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Preparing the development sandbox for the Java Embedding activity code in JDeveloper The disadvantage of the Java Embedding activity is a rigid editor for entering the Java code. When preparing Java code for the Java Embedding activity, it is advisable to use more advanced tools IDE's , which provide at least an auto-complete option.

However, with developing the code outside of BPEL environment comes another diffi culty, and that is the lack of the Java Embedding activity method support. This recipe explains how to develop Java code outside of the rigid Java Embedding activity editor and retain the comfort of the BPEL development environment. How to do it Here are the steps we need to take to prepare the development sandbox for the Java Embedding activity code in JDeveloper: 1.

We start by creating an application workspace in JDeveloper. Inside the application workspace, create a new Java project JavaEmbeddDevel. Add the library that contains the BPEL runtime execution classes. Right-click on the project node and select the Project Properties option. The Project Properties dialog opens. Select Libraries and Classpath from the options tree.

Click on the AddLibrary button to add libraries to the project. The Add Library dialog opens where we can fi nd a number of libraries under the Extension node. Create the Java class to be used for the development in the Java project. We name the class MyExecLet , enter the package name org.

Click on the OK button to create the class. Open the newly generated class, right-click on the editor pane, and select the Source and Override methods option. The Override Methods dialog opens where we select the execute method from the list and click on the OK button.

More precisely, the code is inserted into its execute method. Through the recipe we prepared the development environment, where we are able to prepare syntactically correct code for the Java Embedding activity.

Note that we are not able to run the code, since there is no BPEL runtime environment present. To really test the code in runtime, we have to copy the code into the Java Embedding activity inside the BPEL process and run it. At the moment both versions of BPEL processes 1.

Getting ready To complete this recipe, we need nothing special. We just create an empty composite with two empty synchronous BPEL processes. From the Component Palette, select Oracle Extensions. Again in the Component Palette select Oracle Extensions. We have created the BPEL 2.

Books BPEL and Java Cookbook Full Download

Let us now compare both versions of BPEL processes. If we compare the Java Embedding confi guration dialog, we can see that there is almost no difference between the BPEL versions.

Getting ready For this recipe to complete, we will update the sample from the previous recipe.

In this recipe, we will read the input date variable and with the help of the Java Embedding activity set the result to the output variable. The output variable will take the input date and calculate which day in week the date presents. The edit dialogs opens, where we enter the Java code inside the Code Snippet fi eld. We enter the code that will read the content of the input date variable and as an output we return what day is presented by the date: 1.

The content is returned as a string, so we have to parse it to to parse it to the java. SimpleDateFormat "yyyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss" ; java.

We create a simple formatter that takes only a day out of the whole date: java. We notice that two methods are called out of the context: getvariabledata and setvariabledata.

Those two methods present convenient methods to get value out of the BPEL process variable and to set the value of the BPEL process variables respectively. Namely, the Audit Trail does not capture the intermediate status of the Java Embedding activity execution. Note that if we also want to get some intermediate information about Java Embedding activity execution, then we should use the addaudittrailentry method.

BPEL and Java Cookbook

There's more One of the defi ciencies of the Java Embedding activity is the restriction of using the import statement inside code snippets. We used fully qualifi ed names in the code.

However, the problem in more complex code with in-depth class hierarchies is that code gets hard to read and maintain. Remember, when code is getting more complex, it is time we think of moving the code out of the BPEL process and create an independent web service or EJB. That way we no longer need to use fully qualifi ed names inside the Java Embedding activity.

Let us try now to rewrite our code and import needed classes fi rst. To learn more about the setvariabledata method, refer to the Setting the BPEL process variables recipe in this chapter as well.

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