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The right knot is important. You want the strongest knot possible so that you don't lose the fish. A simple overhand knot weakens line by about 50 percent. The knots needed for tying fishing line to a hook are different from the knots needed to join To be prepared for anything, learn these knots before you hit the water. . It would be great if you could include a one page PDF that is easy to read. Fishing knots allow you to properly tie your line to your hook, lure, and other tackle. following knots have been developed and tested thoroughly to assure tying.

Fishing Knots Pdf

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√Understand baits, lures, and flies attract fish. Fishing Knots & Rigging. One of Six Stations in the Passport Program: An Introduction to Fishing and Boating. With so many knots you need to learn to tie several knots that you have While the following knots are by any means all the fishing knots for. With over 60 Fishing Knots NetKnots has the most extensive fishing knot library on the internet. The knots are both animated and illustrated as well as described .

Pass the end of the loop through hook's eye. Holding standing line between thumb and finger, grasp loop with free hand and form a simple overhand knot.

Pass hook through loop and draw line while guiding loop over top of eyelet. The Braid Knot This special fishing knot has been proven to be one of the best for use with braided lines.

Run Double loop through eye of hook or lure. Loop around end of line and standing part of braided line 8 times. Thread double loop back between the eye and coils.

Tighten knot with a steady, even motion without hesitation. Knotless Knot. Kreh Loop. Loop To Loop Knot.

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Nail Knot. NanoFil Knot. Needle Knot. Non Slip Loop Knot. Offshore Swivel Knot. Orvis Knot. Orvis Tippet Knot. Palomar Knot.

Perfection Loop. Pitzen Knot. Rapala Knot.

Riffle Hitch. Right Angle Rig. San Diego Jam Knot.

Seaguar Knot. Slim Beauty Knot. Snell Knot - Uni Version.


Snell Knot -Traditional. Spider Hitch.

Strike Indicator Double Uni. Strike Indicator Loop Knot.


Surgeons End Loop. Tenkara Level Line. Tenkara Traditional Line. Trilene Knot. Turle Knot. Double your line to make a loop, then push the loop through the eye of your hook. Tie a loose overhand knot.

Blood Knots

Pass the loop around the end of the hook. Pull on the line to tighten. Run the line through the eye of the hook, then tie a loose double overhand knot in the end of the line. Pass the open loop over the hook and tighten the whole thing so that the loop tightens around the eye.

Line up the ends of each line together for several inches, then wrap the first line around the second at least five times. Wrap the second around the first at least five times, and bring both loose ends back to the middle between the two lines.

Pull tight on each line until the knot is snug. Fold over the end of the line to make a double line, then tie a single overhand knot.Terminator Leaders. Australian Plait. Pick up the dropped line and lift it back up to sit alongside the standing line to create a circle open loop.

1. Square Knot

Bobber Stopper Knot. Provides a loop which allows the lure to move freely and naturally. Hunting Knives. Classic Vibrax Foxtail.

Skitter Series. Lost your password? We also have put some knots into groups such as beginner fishing knots , fly fishing knots , saltwater fishing knots and tenkara knots.

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