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Find out more about A Holiday of Love by Jude Deveraux, Arnette Lamb, Jill Barnett, Judith McNaught at Simon & Schuster. Read book reviews & excerpts. download A Holiday of Love jar A Holiday of Love book online download A Internet ArchiveA holiday of love: McNaught, Judith: Free. bestselling romance authors Jude Deveraux, Judith McNaught, Arnette Lamb, and Jill Filled with drama, adventure, and sizzling romance, A Holiday of Love will Deveraux, Arnette Lamb, Jill Barnett, Judith McNaught Free PDF d0wnl0ad .

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Change of heart / Jude Deveraux - Miracles /Judith McNaught - Daniel and the angel / Jill Barnett - Hark! the Borrow this book to access EPUB and PDF files. pixia-club.info: A Holiday of Love (): Jude Deveraux, Arnette Lamb, Jill Barnett, Judith McNaught: Books. A Holiday of Love book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. When the weather outside is frightful, what better way to warm u.

Her intention had been to find out which children had been read to by their and which had grown up glued to a TV. Like all children, Eli had wanted to impress his teacher, so he'd climbed on a chair and pulled down a college textbook titled Learning Disabilities that the teacher kept on a top shelf, then quietly went to stand beside her and began softly to read from page one.

Since Eli was a naturally solitary child and his mother did not push him to do what he didn't want to do, he had spent most of his life in near seclusion. He'd had no idea that reading from a college textbook when he was a mere five years old was unusual.

All he'd wantedto do was to pass the reading test and get into the top reading group.

Aren't you, Miss Wilson? Her expression had said, What do I do with this freak? Since his entry into school, Eli had learned about being "different. Only with his mother was he "normal. Now, years later, when Eli left his meeting with the man from Princeton, he was still shaking, and when he saw Chelsea he gave her one of his rare smiles. When Eli was six he'd met Chelsea Hamilton, who was not as smart as he was, of course, but near enough that he could talk to her.

In her way Chelsea was as much a freak as Eli was, for Chelsea was rich -- very, very rich -- and even by six she'd found that people wanted to know her for what they could get from her rather than her personality.

At six the children had taken one look at each other, the two oddities in the boring little classroom, and they'd become eternal friends. She was six months older than he, and until this year she'd always been taller. But now Eli was rapidly overtaking her. My father owns this place. I've knownabout the meeting for two weeks.

Her problems in life were going to be the stuff of dreams: too tall, too thin, too smart, too rich. Their houses were only ten minutes apart, but in value, they were miles apart. Eli's house would fit into Chelsea's marble foyer. When Eli didn't respond, she looked straight ahead. Maybe I'll let you see it. Chelsea hadn't realized that she'd said "us," meaning the two of them. She was great at the emotional blackmail of her parents, who spent most of their lives traveling around the world, leaving the family business to Chelsea's older siblings.

A few tears of anguish and her parents gave her anything money could buy. The autumn air was crisp and clear. For what? If my work is good enough I can enter full time next fall.

Eli hated passionately the idea of high school, of having to sit through days of classes with a bunch of semiliterate louts who took great pride in their continuing ignorance. This program would give Eli the opportunity to skip all those grades and get on with something useful. It took a moment for those words to register with Chelsea. When Eli looked at her, his face was full of anguish. Chelsea opened her mouth to say that Eli had to think of himself first, but she closed it again.

Eli's mom, Randy, did need taking care of. She had the softest heart in the world, and if anyone had a problem Randy always had room to listen and love. Chelsea never liked to think that she needed anything as soppy as a mother, but there had been many times over the years when she'd flung herself against the soft bosom of Eli's ever-welcoming mother.

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However, it was because of Randy's sweetness that she needed looking after. His mother was like a lamb living in a world of hungry wolves. If it weren't for Eli's constant vigilance Well, Chelsea didn't like to think what would have happened to his mother.

Just look at the man she'd married, the horrid man who was Eli's father: a gambler, a con artist, a promiscuous liar.

It was one of his little vanities that he always referred to Christmas as his birthday. Eli's mom said that Eli was her Christmas gift from God, so she was never going to cheat Eli because she'd been lucky enough to have him on Christmas Day.

So every Christmas, Eli had a pile of gifts under a tree and another pile on a table with a big, gaudy birthday cake, a cake that had no hint of anything to do with Christmas. In silence, the two of them walked down Denver's downtown streets, forgoing the trolley that ran through the middle of town.

Chelsea knew that Eli needed to think, and he did that best by walking or riding his bike. She knew without asking that Eli would never abandon his mother.

If it came to a choice between Princeton and taking care of his mother, Eli would take care of the person he loved best. For all that Eli managed to appear cool and calculating, Chelsea knew that when it came to the two people he loved the most -- her and his mother -- inside, Eli was marshmallow cream. Maybe your mother can get along without you. She hesitated as she thought about the matter. Maybe your mother will remarry and her new husband will take care of her.

The last man she went out with ended up 'forgetting' his wallet, so Mom paid for dinner and a tank full of gas.

A week later I found out he was married. Eli said that if it were left up to his mother, there wouldn't need to be a city animal shelter because all the unwanted animals in Denver would live with them. For a moment, Chelsea had an image of sweet Randy surrounded by wounded animals and uneducated men asking her for money. We already know from UY that Julianna's parents aren't very rich. Her father is a mere baron and a man who's always drenched in Madeira.

Her mother is really awful, a very pushy and ambitious woman. It's her plan to marry Julianna, who is very lovely to look upon, off to anyone with a title and money.

But, Lady Skeffington can't help but targeting the biggest catches of the marriage mart. And this year, it's Nicki DuVille. He's part French, part Scot and is going to be the next Earl of Glenmore soon enough. But, Julianna doesn't wanna get married. She has her hopes and dreams, aspirations of becoming a writer, something that was inspired by her deceased grandmama Sarah.

Julianna's dreams are only scoffed and then berated at by her mother but she hangs on. Nicki, on the other hand, is a dissolute man, a notorious womanizer but his life is boring and he craves something to pull him out of this. When they first met at a park, Nicki and Julianna parted ways after a little word exchange.

It was funny but also annoying the way Julianna's mom 'initiated' the introduction. Nicki didn't remember her of course. Then at a masquerade ball, after a failed rendezvous with the hostess, one of the high society hussies and his lover, Nicki sees Julianna in the garden. He'd just refused a tryst with that woman and was about to go to his room to get some sleep. Julianna, who was hiding from her mother and a bit drunk at that point, was praying to God and talking to her grandmama's spirit [note: When Nicki finds her crying and offers her a handkerchief, Julianna thought he was God.

Ermm, yah I know, sounds absurd. Then of course she recognises Nicki he didn't and asks him to ruin her. It wasn't the usual way of ruining but a bit more dancing than usual, which was her thought. But Nicki, being the rake and seeing her in 'a bit too revealed' dress, confuses her as a courtesan. He thought she's pouting because her protector might've left her or something and he gladly offers his services in her 'ruining'.

He took the word for an innuendo and goes as far as to think if she's any good, he'll offer to make her his mistress! After a few word exchanges, he snaps at her, asking if she's got any brains. Julianna, a bit offended, starts talking about the philosophies she'd learned from her grand mama and the philosophers she'd read.

Nicki is impressed and then they kiss. Julianna gets scared and tries running away The hostess of the ball and Julianna's mother was at the hallway to Nicki's door, looking for her. They see her coming out of his room and you can guess what happens next. Julianna's getting a hasty marriage the very next day with all the loathing and contempt from Nicki's side and her mom's getting what she wanted all along. Poor girl. She didn't deserve what she gets next, which is where the story ends too hastily, in about 3 more chapters.

I was pretty annoyed. Nicki dumps her at one of his smallest, not-so-very important estates and proceeds to forget about her just the way all the other JM heroes does except for Royce and Ian ; by screwing around, hither and yon! I mean, really Nicki? Just because your overheated, narrow brain thought she duped you into marrying her? You heard her talking about furs and stuffs with her mom and you think she's a 'scheming little slut'?

Oh of course, you'd know about those kinds since those are the types you always prefer.

So, what was wrong with this little slut? Got you scared, didn't she? I take it back when I called you a gentleman in my review of "Until You" because you aren't one.

You don't deserve a girl like Julianna, you hypocritical, cheating SOB! You never gave her a chance to explain herself while she tried and tried, in all the ways she could. Finally, Nicki comes back to take her to his home for Christmas because his mother was very ill. Julianna already sold her first manuscript to a publisher and was planning her freedom.

His coming back makes her hopes soar but is soon deflated by Nicki's announcement. And, even after everything, Julianna tries to do her best to make his family happy and wins his parents' affections. Then, when it was all coming to an end, Julianna knew Nicki would leave her again, so she does one thing that could explain her standing in this disaster. Julianna told her grand mama that she'd write her letters telling her things about her life even after she passed away.

And, Julianna's been doing that for the last 3 yrs.

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She gives all the letters to Nicki; even though she knew she'd be exposed, vulnerable and there's every chance that he'd reject her efforts. And, Nicki was almost doing that when he starts reading one of the letters and ended up reading them all. These letters clarify things to him, makes him see Julianna in a new light. Then they make up and goes to make heirs, as the epilogue will tell you. El fin! I really couldn't believe that after the abominable way he treated her, a few letters solved all of Nicky's problems, doubts regarding Julianna.

Just like that?

I 'yuked' at the details of his liaisons, those were just too much for me. Not so much by descriptions but by mentioning a few things. I absolutely hated it. And, I don't care for a hypocritical, mean, cheating hero much, which Nicki was from the beginning til the end. Also, if it was a full novel, I think I would've enjoyed the ups and downs of their relationship after the marriage and then their making up.

There was no love scene in the book. I read somewhere quite sometimes ago that JM was planning to make a full novel out of this one but not sure if the info was correct. It's been a long time since this novella came out so I don't think there would be any full novel in the future. But if there is, I'd be willing to give it a try.

A very reluctant 2. View all 4 comments. Nov 02, Holly rated it it was amazing Shelves: It's actually one of my least favorites, but I don't mind because it led me to two of the most delightful stories I've ever read. The first story is Jude Deveraux's story, Change of Heart. It's was my first Jude Deveraux book, and my introduction to the Taggert family.

It's just a beautiful, heartwarming story. I'll agree with other reviewers that it wasn't long enough. This could have been a great book, but I'll settle for what we got. Within the confines of a short story, Jude Deveraux was able to create warm, rich characters that I love to revisit time and time again. She was even able to portray likable preteens, a rare feat since teenagers are usually portrayed as adorable, helpless children, or sullen, emotional headcases.

Everyone has such great attitudes in this story, well, except for the broody, tortured hero lol but he gets over it fairly quickly and sees the light with his heroine, Randy. I don't know if it's because this was released during the holidays, but it was so nice to read. Jude Deveraux is kind of hit and miss with me but this one was a winner. Second story is Judith McNaught's book, Miracles.

I bought this anthology for this book alone and well, I was disappointed. This didn't seem like the Nicholas DuVille I knew from previous books. Completely changed his personality. I didn't care for that. I liked the meddling, charismatic frenchman and unfortunately, in his own book, Nicki came across as a cruel boar.

It uses one of my most hated plot contrivances. The hero, who knows better, seduces the lady he knows despite how she dresses, is really an innocent, virginal young girl that he should be a million miles away from. He just can't help himself and when he gets caught, he blames the girl for tricking him.

He's forced to marry her, dumps her in one of his countryhouses, then proceeds to ignore her and get on with his life. For a moment I thought Julianna would succeed with her plan to leave him and become an authoress but unfortunately Nicki comes to his senses and returns Julianna's love. The third story is Jill Barnett's, Daniel and the Angel. This is just a beautiful, rich story, that makes you cry and laugh and smile. Even after all these years, the story of Daniel and his angel can still make me cry.

The actual outline of the story doesn't matter. It only matters that the emotion that comes off the pages will blow you away. This story is better then chicken soup when your feelings are down. I would have loved for Jill to have made this into a full length book but that would have been just a scoop of ice cream next to an already perfect slice of cake. This short story really is perfection just the way it is.

The fourth story is Arnette Lamb's Hark! Can't review this one as I've never really finished it or else I just can't remember it. This short story never grabbed me. Also the whole chastity belt thing squicked me out. I'll try it again some day since it's gotten good reviews.

Overall, this was the best anthology I've ever picked up. I've never liked another one since. I rate them opposite A Holiday of Love and so far nothing has come close. Sure I like a story here and there from various anthologies but nothing as magical as Daniel and the Angel and Change of Heart.

Get this for Jill Barnett's short story alone and then see how you feel about the other three. You won't be disappointed!! View 1 comment. Jul 29, Arch rated it liked it Recommended to Arch by: I've reread Change of Heart by Jude Devereaux today. I just finished it. I wish the story was longer and more develope. It's not to say that Jude didn't do a good job with this story. It was a little rushed, but a quick fun read. The story starts off with us finding out that a 12 year old boy named Eli is offered a scholarship to go to Princeton.

The boy has a best friend named Chelsea - she's six months older than he is. She's smart, but not as smart as him and she's rich. The two of them talk about him being accepted to go to Princeton, but Eli doesn't want to go. He's worried about his mother. She's a divorcee and although, she's a nurse, she doesn't make much money. His father makes more money than his mother, but he doesn't like paying child support and every chance, he gets, he tries to get out of paying child support and Randy - Eli's mother lets him get away with it.

But, Eli wouldn't let his father get away with it. His father wasn't around to be a father to him, but he was going to give what was rightfully his and his mother's. It only took one phone call from Eli to his father, to put his daddy in line. When Eli was ten years old, he met a man by the name of Franklin Frank Taggert. He has gone with his class to a business field trip. He's only reason for going on this trip, was because he wanted to steal some of the company's letter head paper.

Him and Chelsea would steal letter head paper from companies, to help people. The boy's daddy wasn't no good, but Eli and Chelsea hit his love and that's gambling. They sent him a fake dentist lottery, the catch was he had to pay to get his son and his sibling's mouth fix.

In a way their help, worked and backfired. It caused Eli and Chelsea to reveal to the boy, who they were. They have found their own Robin Hood. Randy loved reading romance books. Eli didn't want to see his mother being alone and that is what she would be, if he left, so he and Chelsea decided to find her a rich man. It's was Eli's idea to hook his mother up with his billionaire friend.

Frank Taggert. They meet up with Mike Taggert My baby from Sweet Liar and his wife and talked to them about their plan. Afterwards, Randy received a letter about a job taking care of a man, who has been injured, who is staying in at his private cabin.

A Holiday of Love Pdf

At first Randy didn't like Frank. He actually thought that she was a call girl. He didn't believe that she was his nurse. After clearing up that misunderstanding he offers her a job to be his cook-housekeeper. Between their cook-housekeeper discussion, they had a little misunderstanding. Randy hit Frank through the stomach.

She knew that he couldn't stand eating TV dinners and that he loved her food. The little that he has tasted and they agreed that he was going to pay for her second's college eduction, up until Ph.

D status. At bedtime, he asked her to marry him and she told him no. Randy and Frank connect, he leaves, because he was scared. They haven't seen each other in two months.

She's pregnant. He finds out that Eli is her son and the live happily ever after. This story is short and cute. Some funny lines in here as well. View all 12 comments. Randy se predstavlja kao neuhvatljiva zena a zapravo zudi za bilo kime jer se maltene baca u zagrljaj svakom muskarcu koji joj da malo paznje. Oct 10, Zeek added it Shelves: Picked this up the other night because I needed something short- so far have only read Jude D. I actually cant remember if I've ever read it before, which is odd because I thought i read all her earlier work!

He's hardnosed, self sufficient and fiercely independent enough to not really want a family and kids The young man has decided that Frank is perfect for his overly romantic and easily taken advantaged of mother- because she desperately needs someone as ferociously protective as Frank Taggert- so he sets up a scenario to get them alone so they can fall in love- which they do quite nicely.

I have yet to read the rest in the antho, but I will add my thoughts on those as I read them! D 4 out of 5 for Deveraux's entry. Typical Judith Mcnaught. The heroine decides it's time to rid herself of the inconvenience of her virginity, as her mother is using it to try and better her position in society. Enter Nicki Duville, rake and rogue extraordinaire.

He comprises her a bit, they get caught, and thinking the heroine is on her mother's side- heads straight for "the-big-misunderstanding-plot-device" waters. Of course he does what society dictates- ie marries her- but then he promptly ditches her to run willy nilly all over London, having affairs left and right to rub it in her face.

Of course when he actually is forced to spend time with her he sees the error of his ways and all is forgiven and they all live happily ever after. Now you dont have to read it. Ok, I generally enjoy McNaught's emotional tour-de-forces, even if she uses the same formula over and over. But this one was far far too brief so there was no chance to build a rapport with the characters.

So-2 stars. Why 2 and not 1? Because it was McNaught and I still found it unputtdownable. Lillian is an angel who can never do anything right- after busting up the Pearly Gates she's sent to earth- wingless- and falls right in front of the carriage of D L Stewart, one of the wealthiest men in America in the 's. Self-made man, Daniel Lincoln Stewart, is intrigued by the beautiful, ethereal woman whom he's taken responsibility for, but wary of her do-gooder innocent heart.

Lillian is just as wary of the man who is the antithesis of everything she holds dear and is sure she needs to get away from him-immediately. How can she stay with someone who thinks he can buy everything?

But something about his lonely existence tugs at her sensitive heart. Of course, the struggle truly begins when Lillian learns she has a way to get her wings, as well as her entrance into heaven, back However impossible the task- she sets about to do so, unknowingly risking her own heart in the process.

Great little romance with empathetic characters and a good lesson to boot- 4. View all 10 comments. Nov 19, Brittany rated it did not like it.

The story makes light of rape. Do not read this trash book. Mar 27, Luz Trevino rated it really liked it Shelves: It was more of a 3. I liked only 3 of them and the fourth one I skipped. Feb 18, Kristi added it Shelves: I was going through my bookshelves and decided to purge this one because I never finished this and can't say I remember anything about it.

I'm not even interested in saving it for later. Jun 22, Sarah rated it liked it Shelves: Okay - so everyone knows that I'm an absolute SUCKER for all Xmas collections - but really, a couple of these were so melodramatic I had to drop the book and groan in defeat.

It's about a scrooge of a mid-thirties man who falls in love with a literal fallen angel. But she's clumsy and heartfelt, which keeps it from heading into saccharine land. My second favorite was Change of Heart - about a precocious 12 year-old genius I could be Okay - so everyone knows that I'm an absolute SUCKER for all Xmas collections - but really, a couple of these were so melodramatic I had to drop the book and groan in defeat. My second favorite was Change of Heart - about a precocious 12 year-old genius I could be channeling my love of Artemis Fowl here who endeavors to make his single mom hook up with his billionaire idol.

It's fun, but obviously unbelievable, which is nice for Xmas. People will get a kick out of the genius kid and his female sidekick. Dec 03, Megan rated it it was amazing Recommended to Megan by: The most emotional, touching, and sentimental story I have ever read, whether a novella or a full length novel.

She is found by Daniel, a very wealthy man whose only concern is, of course, money. To get back into Heaven Lillian has to teach Daniel to give from his heart.

Apr 11, Pravana rated it really liked it Shelves: A lovely little story about a twelve year old boy concerned for his sweet, sucker-for-a-sob-story, devourer-of-romance-books, devoted-to-son, loyal, affectionate, giving, selfless-when-it-comes-to son mother. How he goes about finding a husband to take care of her is what the story is all about.

There is also a tantalising connect with the Montgomery-Taggart family. Read it multiple times. A keeper Jul 16, Lisa - Aussie Girl rated it liked it Shelves: I also read the Jude Deveraux Change of Heart. Again a very sweet story but way too short to properly get the hero to fall in love in a realistic way.Picked this up the other night because I needed something short- so far have only read Jude D.

If it weren't for Eli's constant vigilance Set in medieval Scotland. Judith McNaught is a 1 New York Times Best-Selling Author, with more than forty million copies of her novels in print, in over eighty countries and more than thirty languages. And this year, it's Nicki DuVille.

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