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Ahkam Ul Quran -- UrduByImam Abu Bakr Jassas Razi Hanafi raSource: http:// pixia-club.info LanguageUrdu. Ahkam ul quran. IdentifierAhkamUlQuran. Identifier-arkark:/ /t3kw6m15f. OcrABBYY FineReader Page-progressionrl. Tafseer Ahkam ul Quran by Imam Abu Bakr Al Jassas - Urdu translation. نام: احکام القرآن مصنف: امام ابوبکر الجصاص. Application Features: Complete Tafseer.

Ahkam Ul Quran Pdf

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Ahkam-ul-Quran pixia-club.info - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online for free. Ahkam-ul-Quran. View and download pixia-club.info on DocDroid. Quran Juz (Para) · Tajwīdī Qur'ān | Juz 1 | الم | PDF (القرآن جز ١). Quran Juz (Para) · Quran┇Juz 30┇عم┇Urdu translation. Quran Juz (Para).

In the books of Mufassireen in these kinds of verse, what is should they are going to concentrate in these kind of verse? From the verse of alcohol, it is clear that Allah SWT does not want us to have those thing that keep us away from Salah. What are those thing now a days as oppose to yrs ago they are different. For example, craze about soccer which cause hatred among Muslims. Same thing is cricket, here cricket become important than Muslims.

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What about these days? There are other things which leads to the same goal i. Other verse, which deals with speak with kind words, Mufassir has to address if there are any exception for the verse, is there any occasion when he as to impolite.

When you go through all these verse, none of these are void of remembrance of Allah , you will find in these there are 12 specific laws dealing with marraige, divorce and maintenance. In these verse eevry ruling is tied to aspect of beleifs i. First ruling is aspect of Marriage.

And He makes clear His verses to the people that perhaps they may remember. Then Allah mentions Allah loves those who are tawwabin and muta-tahhireen.

And Allah is Hearing and Knowing. The book of Allah swt is a book about a path, about what they should do and not do, but it is not a legal document. As a consequence, our ulema have to go through the book and derive the laws.

Quran is stylistic and is meant to reach the heart and soul of the human being unlike a legal document. The way in which Allah swt ties in the Ahkaam with belief, with taqwa. When you read these laws and see them tied to belief and taqwa, it tells you that you should obey these laws because of belief and taqwa.

In your heart you have to believe in Allah swt, have taqwa of him in order to obey the laws. Just seeing and knowing the laws is not sufficient for us to abide by the laws.

Human nature is when they see the laws, they try to circumvent them and that is not what Allah swt wants from us.

Ahkam ul Quran (3 Vols.)

In Surah Baqarah, even though Allah swt is telling us about marriage and inheritance and divorce, he ties it with mercy of Allah swt. This helps us to truly apply these laws and they become a way of life, a way of life that you believe in, and a way of life that you want to follow.

Allah swt states a law, but the way he states it that it is a duty for the one who has taqwa. When we make taqleed, when the fiqh schools got so entrenched, what happened was the people stopped reading the Quran for the laws or rulings. When you get laws from fiqh books, the spirit is lost. So Muslims who get the laws from the fiqh books, they are missing the spirit of the law.

One of the duties of the mufasseer is to highlight this fact, when he mentions the law.

Allah swt is giving the laws as his ayat or signs, in order for us to understand. This is something special in the Quran and it is different from any other law book.

It is even the different from the sunnah, or it is distinguishing the Quran from the sunnah. One of the advantages of studying the Ahkaam is that you study the laws in the light of what Allah swt describes. Question: Is it better to study fiqh through tafseers rather than specialized fiqh books? Answer: It is important to study both the fiqh books and the Quran in order to understand the spirit of the law. That is why there are so many books on Ahkaam and the hadith of the Prophet related to Ahkaam.

This is collection of Hadith of Ahkam. There is no material in English which is translated from Arabic related to Ayath-ul-Ahkaam. Another important aspect we should be aware of is the way in which Allah swt commanding us to do some deed and also forbidden something deeds for us. Allah swt uses a makhdoom passive voice for ordering commands For example, in obligating deeds, Allah swt has spoken in many different ways.

So tafseer al ahkam should help us see whether the hukm is obligation or recommendation. He admonishes you that perhaps you will be reminded. In this verse, Allah is speaking to us but he did not say He is ordering, but Allah just gave order to do it, the effect is different, in both cases it says this is something we must do , and this is stringer way to say. In other places, it is said that something is makhdoom or prescribed to us or written, this is passive construct, Allah swt is avoiding directly ordering us.

This means we this is what we have to do. Allah himself is strongly recommended us, this means in the eys of Fuqaha this is obligation 2: Allah swt encourages us to perform some action with a reward attached with the action Allah is encouraging us to do the deed, unlike in the law where it says only deals with laws and it doesnt talk about good things to do.

But in Islam Allah has addressed this. With respect to prohibition similar kind of stylistic way of addressing is found. This is missed in translation.


It is the job of the mufasseer when he describes the prohibitions of Allah swt. And whoever makes allies of them, then it is those who are the wrongdoers. Allah swt himself describing this has Sharr. You can change your ad preferences anytime. Ahkam ul quran pdf by nazar muhammad. Upcoming SlideShare.

Ahkam al-Qur’an of Imam Abu Ja’far al-Tahawi: New Book Release

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Published in: When you stand up for prayer, wash your faces and your hands up to the elbows, and wipe a part of your heads and your feet, up to the ankles. Allah does not desire to put you to hardship, but He desires to purify you" [19] Verse of khums : "Know that whatever thing you may come by, a fifth of it is for Allah and the Apostle, for the relatives and the orphans, for the needy and the traveller, Prescribed for you is fasting as it was prescribed for those who were before you, so that you may be Godwary.

Abrogation means "replacement of a ruling by another ruling revealed later, so that if the second ruling did not reveal, the first ruling would remain effective until the Day of Judgement ".

The Qur'an itself has spoken about abrogation in two verses Qur'an 2 and Qur'an 16 The issue of changing the direction of qibla which is mentioned in Qur'an 2 and also the verse of Najwa which made it obligatory to give charity for whispering to the Prophet s and later this ruling was lifted are also among such verses.

Bibliography Main article: List of the books on Ayat al-Ahkam Many books have been written about the verses of ruling, the title of many of which are "Ayat al-ahkam" or "Ahkam al-Qur'an".This was published in three volumes and remains popular amongst the Hanafis of India , the Middle East and Turkey.

Shaykh Dr Saleh as Saleh.

Imam al-Shawkani. Same thing is cricket, here cricket become important than Muslims. Shaykh Isam Aweed. So pardon them and ask forgiveness for them and consult them in the matter. Imam Al Jazri h

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